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Laxmi & Ganesha (Pair)

Laxmi & Ganesha (Pair) ― Pankaj Khanna Store
INR.650 INR.500
You save: INR.150 (24%)
In stock: yes
Handling charge:  INR.50
Laxmi & Ganesha (Pair)(Code: AID 18) The goddess of wealth and wife of Lord Vishnu, her chariot is an owl. It is believed that wherever the goddess is present, she is accompanied by eight devis namely Asha, Shradha, Dhuti, Shanti, Jai, Shama, Vijit and Sangeet. Laxmiji only appears where there is truth, meditation, charity, justice, fasting etc. If worshipped with purity of soul and devotion she bestows the follower with all sorts of wealth and material comforts. The son of Shivji, is considered to be the lord of wealth and intelligence. Ganeshji is worshipped in the beginning of ceremonies or worship to ward off hurdles. He has the head of an elephant denoting an enormously sharp memory, the nose of an elephant denoting his desire to know everything in detail before trying anything new. He has a special love for Laddoos. He shuns wastage, which is denoted by his control over a rodent whom he uses as his vehicle. Ganeshji should be kept essentially at the entrance so that evil spirits do not enter

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