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Yantr or Yantra

Yantra is the Sanskrit word which means an instrument or a machine. In Tantric texts and Bhramanical Texts it means Visual Mantras or in easy words mantras made in geometrical figures and colours to influence the environment, cosmic forces, spirits around us, the evil eye of our enemies and our own aura and mental makeup. In Hindu and Buddhist mysticism this kind of geometric forms known as Yantra in Hindus and  Thangka Paintings or simply Thangka in Buddhist areas is widely seen in Temples, monasteries, Homes and Viharas.

While the Mantras can not be recited all the time and cannot cover all areas Yantras or Thangkas can be placed at such locations from where they can negate the negative influence of planets, Humans, spirits and other cosmic forces.


There are various Yantra’s in use some are for improving Bhagya others to improve wealth and still others to ward off enemies. Yantra are of three kinds

1. Framed or Display Yantras

Vashikaran Yantra, Kuber Yantra, Sri Yantra,Shri Sri Yantra,Navgrah Yantra, Shri Baglamukhi Mahayantra, Shri Budh Yantra, Shri Chandra Yantra, Shri Durga Ambaji Yantra, Shri Durga Beesa Yantra, Shri Ganpati Yantra, Shri Gayatri yantra, Shri Guru Yantra,Shri hanuman Yantra, Shri Kaalsarp Yantra, Shri Ketu Yantra, Shri Maha Kali Yantra, Shri Mahalaxmi Yantra, Shri mangal yantra, Shri Nav Durga Yantra, Shri  Rahu Yantra, Shri Santan Gopal Yantra,Shri Saraswati Yantra, Shri Shani Yantra, Shri Shri Yantra, Shri Shukra Yantra, Shri Surya Yantra, Shri Mahamritunjay Yantra, Vastu Dosh Nivaran Shri Sudershan Yantra,

2. Locket Yantras

Shri Chandra Yantra, Shri Guru Yantra, Shri Ketu Yantra, Shri laxmi Yantra, Shri Mangal Yantra, Shri Rahu Yantra, Shri Shani Yantra, Shri Sarv Manokamna Prapti Yantra, Shri Shukra yantra, Shri Vaastudosh Nivaran Yantra, Shri Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra,

3. Dhan or Dan Yantras

Chandra Dan Yantra, Ketu dan Yantra, Mangal Dan Yantra, Rahu Dan Yantra, Ketu Dan Yantra,


I have been using Yantras and recommending them since 25 years my experience with these Yantras is that they have a very unique and subtle effect for the specific purpose they are used for. In certain cases I have seen sudden impact to the native in 30 to 40 days and in other cases it takes 6 to 9 months. Shri Shri Yantra and Shri Baglamukhi Yantra have been my most favorite Yantras one to improve wealth and the other to fight enemies and destroy the evil doers.


Yantra’s like Mantras and Tantra have effect this is a proven fact. But all effects are as per the limitations of the fact that one can get only what is promised in the chart and that too at the time when dashas and gochar decide so.

Yantras can be defined as visual mantras which have been used since the days of Yajur Veda and Brahminical Text to remove the malefic effects of certain evil forces (Rakshisi Shakti) and to strengthen the positive forces (Davik Shakti). These Yantras have been empowered with special Vedic mantras and Yogic Pran Pratishta by Sh. Pankaj Khanna himself.

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While various gems are used to enhance the benefic power of various planets, yantras are used to control the malefic effect of various planets


This is a Yantra, which is used to demolish enemies.


Used to enhance the benefic effects and curtail the malefic effects of Mercury.

Used to enhance the benefic effects and curtail the malefic effects of Moon.

Durga Ambaji Yantra is of Shri Durga Ambe Maa. Durga Ambajiyan Yantra is worshipped particularly during Navratras and on Ashtami tithi


Durga Bisa Yantra is of Shri Durga Ambe Maa. Durga Bisa Yantra is a powerful Yantra for attaining desires, to remove difficulties and to conquer enemies. Durga Bisa Yantra bestows wealth and property and protects the person from all sorts of dangers.


Intellectual ability and wealth are bestowed by the grace of Lord Ganesha. He is the personification of a ghristh ( A family man ) who has the knowledge of all the scriptures and commercial system, has wealth and also has the weapons to fight the evil if the need be.


Gayatri Devi is Maha Devi and deity of Shri Gayatri Yantra. The Yantra contains Panchmukhi or Ashat Mukhi. Gayatri Devi seated on a Lotus.

Used to enhance the benefic effects and curtail the malefic effects of Jupiter.

Fearless and Powerful – Capable of taking on full armies single handily but still devoted and disciplined. This is the nature of Hanumanji He has the powers of the wind god


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