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Agate is a very hard stone. It is used to worship Lord Shiva.

This also removes the malefic effects of Saturn. Especially good for people in politics and administration

It also improves the blood circulation and iron absorption of the body.

This is made of silver in the form of a snake’s hood and the gem of Rahu i.e., Gomedh and the gem of Ketu i.e., Cat’s Eye are affixed into it, so that it is able to draw out the negative Aura created by Kalsarp Dosh.
This should also be worn by the people who are suffering due to jealousy and rivalry.
This is especially a great help to children and adolescents. Generally it improves health and also give a person better imagination. Females who are suffering from the emotional changes, this can be helpful for them.
This pair of male and female snakes is considered to ward off evil effects of various malefic yogas formed in a Horoscope, especially Kalsarpa dosha.
Especially beneficial for those who want to marry early and want to have a stable married life.
Since ages the Indian rulers and wealthy people have been taking the protection of Navrattan
All humans who come within the aura of this pendent are greatly influenced by the wearer. It contains gems for all planets including real diamond studded in silver.

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