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Feng Sui Solutions for 2012

Feng Sui Solutions for 2012

Aries: Wear a Silver Pendant with a White Quartz  to boost your confidence.
Taurus: Wear a Golden Topaz in your wrist to improve your chances of impressing everybody in a meeting.
Gemini: Always keep a  Lemon Topaz in your pocket to keep enemies at bay.
Cancer: Labrolite Pendant in Silver will improve your position in career.
Leo: A little of Rose Attar will help you in understanding the people around you and gaining in the process.
Virgo: Keep Holy Ganga Jal in a small silver bottle to ward off evil eye.
Libra: Keep bamboo shoots in your sitting room to improve the Aura.
Scorpio: Wear or keep a Rudraksha mala with you all the time. This will improve your status.
Sagittarius: Donate Black Urad on every Saturday to keep yourself free of health problems.
Capricorn: Wear a Black Star in a pendant. This will keep away depressions.
Aquarius: Keep a Lord Krishna Idol in your sitting room. Fate will always favor you.
Pisces: Wear a Seven Mukhi Rudraksha to improve your personal life.

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