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  Right hand side Janampatri illustrated birth chart zodiac signs or rashis are represented by black colored numbers. In this illustration 5th rashi or 5th sign is written i.e., 5th rashi or lagan was present at the time of birth and in your horoscope  it may start from any number between 1 to 12 but we won't consider these black colored numbers or you forget the numbers written in your janampatri or birth chart.

In this Janampatri we consider the red colored numbers or alphabet for that house.

To see the effects of Plantary positions of the illustrated Janampatri or horoscope go through the steps given below:
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  Step 1: Sun is in 1st house and  to see the effects of sun we will see the 1st or "A" house of Sun page.

Step 2: Mercury is also in 1st house and to see the effects of Mercury we will  see the 1st house of Mercury page.

Step 3: Rahu is  in 4th house and to see the effects of Rahu we will  see the 4th or Rahu page.

Step 4: Jupiter is  in 7th house and to see the effects of Jupiter we will  see the 7th house  of Jupiter page.

Step 5: Saturn is also in the 7th house and to see the effects of Saturn we will see the 7th house of Saturn page.

Step 6,7,8 & 9: Take accordingly to see the effects of Mars,Moon,Ketu and Venus.

To judge your Janampatri / Horoscope / Janam Lagan Partri / Birth Chart take the steps same  as above according to your Planetary positions.

The effects of Planetary Positions and Remedial Measures given in the Planet wise details are very common and of general application.  If there is any slightest difference in the effects/significance of any planet or you feel that it is not matching, please do not go for Upaya/Remedial measures.

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